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10. MUSIC: Steve Grand, "Back to California"
You may remember Steve Grand's debut song, "All-American Boy," the music video of which went viral over the summer. Now Grand is trying to make a full-length album, and he's abandoning the traditional industry to do it. He's asking for fans to pitch in to fund his album, also titled All American Boy (and after a couple of days, he's already raised $50,000 more than he set out to do). But before he releases the album, Grand's given us a sneak peek with "Back to California," a music video that surely plays into the fantasies of those stuck in the brutal winter weather. Watch it below, and find his Kickstarter campaign here. — Michelle Garcia

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9. FILM: Southern Baptist Sissies
Southern Baptist Sissies is based on the play of the same name by Del Shores, who won a GLAAD Award for his portrait of four boys wrestling with their gayness in the conservative South. Boasting stellar performances from familiar names like Leslie Jordan (Will & Grace), Dale Dickey (Winter’s Bone), and Willam Belli (RuPaul’s Drag Race), Sissies is a sobering look at the hypocrisy within the Southern Baptist faith and the harm ensues when religion is used as a weapon against love. The film had its world premiere in Palm Springs, Calif., at the Camelot Theatres, where it will continue to play until Thursday, and it will open the next day in Los Angeles. Watch the trailer below. — Daniel Reynolds

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8. THEATER: Mommy Queerest
Mommy Queerest, Kat Evasco's comedic, autobiographical, one-woman show, chronicles the coming-out process of a lesbian daughter and a closeted lesbian mother. That alone sounds hilarious and frightening. In the show, Evasco tackles conflict with humorous insight while illustrating the experience of being a Filipina lesbian, gay Christian, survivor of sexual abuse, and young American just trying to get some. Meanwhile, she digs deep, placing her mother's experiences of struggle and triumph, and her own, center stage. Exit Studio, San Francisco. tonight through March 29. — Michelle Garcia

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7. BOOK: Nothing Like a Dame: Conversations With the Great Women of Musical Theater by Eddie Shapiro
We love our Broadway divas, and gay theater writer Eddie Shapiro interviews the best of them in his new book. He selected Tony Award–winning stars who have spent the majority of their careers in theater, not those known primarily for film or television. OK, one of his subjects, Angela Lansbury, has had a stellar career in all three mediums, but his other interviewees are primarily stage luminaries, including Elaine Stritch, Carol Channing, Patti LuPone, Audra McDonald, Kristin Chenoweth, and Idina Menzel. A great addition to any theater lover’s library. Order here. — Trudy Ring

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6. MUSIC: Kimberly Davis, "With You: DJ Escape Mix"
Kimberly Davis, the lead singer of Nile Rodgers's disco group Chic, has a new solo song that's a throwback to '90s diva house. The tune's video is unbelievably over-the-top, with heels, wigs, flags, and masks thrown in. Relive your warehouse rave/circuit club days with this high-energy track. — Neal Broverman

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5. THEATER: Mothers and Sons
A new Terrence McNally play is always an event, and the great gay scribe’s latest offering, now in previews on Broadway, sounds particularly relevant, given recent advances in marriage equality. Tony- and Emmy-winner Tyne Daly stars as a woman who pays a surprise visit to her late son’s partner, who is now married to another man and raising a son. The encounter forces her to confront how the world has changed around her. At the Golden Theatre; find tickets and info here, and watch McNally and Daly discuss the show below. — Trudy Ring


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