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Born to Be Brad

Born to Be Brad


Brad Goreski is a nice guy. You can tell from the moment he gets on the phone for a conference call with the media to discuss his new Bravo reality spinoff, It's a Brad Brad World. He thanks everyone for taking the time to speak with him. When a reporter asks how he is, he answers ("Great! Thanks!") and then returns the favor.

Being so genuinely genial, it was interesting to hear him discuss his former boss, the Hollywood stylist Rachel Zoe, who he appeared with on Bravo's The Rachel Zoe Project for three seasons. He was straining to not be rude, but it's clear there's a cauldron of bad blood between Zoe and her former assistant and style director. Goreski admits they're currently not speaking (possibly because Zoe trashes Goreski on her reality show now that he's not on it).

"I wanted to leave [Zoe] with a clean slate," Goreski says. "I didn't want things to turn out that way."

Goreski routinely praised Zoe's fashion skills, but said he was surprised by her disappointment over his leaving.

"My intention was to always be a stylist and create my own business," he says.

Goreski is now indeed striking out on his own, the main dramatic crux of Brad, Brad. Known as much for his own fun, yet flattering, wardrobe, Goreski clearly has a love and talent for fashion. As a new freelance stylist, the 34-year-old has already dressed actresses Jessica Alba, Noomi Rapace, Christina Ricci, Shea Mitchell, Demi Moore, and Rashida Jones.

"I'd love to dress Kristin Wiig," Goreski says, "she's so talented and beautiful."

Another aspect of the new show will be Goreski's 10-year relationship with television writer Gary Janetti. He admits being nervous about exposing his personal life, but in the end, he says he's proud of Janetti and their commitment.

"He's funny and charming and handsome so I said, 'why not?'," Goreski says. "But the main reason [he wanted Janetti on the show] is that it's a positive representation. I don't think a lot of people have seen a gay couple at home. We get a lot of support from our family. That's an important message to send out there with bullying going on, and what seems like an increase in homophobia. Anyway, to be gay and to be visible and out there is a great thing."

It's a Brad, Brad World
premieres Monday, Jan. 2 at 10 p.m. PT/ET on Bravo.

Correction: An earlier version of this article implied Goreski said working with Zoe was difficult; he was actually speaking of Zoe's other former assistant, Taylor Jacobson.

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