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Marvel Comics’ Gay Iceman Cometh

Marvel Comics’ Iceman Cometh

It’s only fitting Marvel Comics releases its brand-new ongoing solo series starring its gay mutant hero Iceman in June. Since June is LGBTQ Pride Month — for everyone but the current administration — the recently out Iceman will celebrate with not one but two brand new issues. This Wednesday marks the triumphant arrival of issue 1, followed by issue 2 on June 21.  

For those behind on their current queer superheroes, take note: Iceman, real name Bobby (Robert or “Bobert for the right guy,” as he jokes in issue 1) Drake was one of the founding members of the X-Men, a band of mutant heroes who debuted over 50 years ago in 1963’s X-Men #1. As a hero, he’s been in various comic book superhero teams, cartoon series — most memorably in the classic '80’s Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends — and movies, being a key character in the first three live-action installments of the film franchise. 

Iceman came out officially two years ago in Uncanny X-Men #600, along with a younger version of himself who’s currently stuck in our present timeline. (The X-Men do love them some time-hopping characters.) While the younger Iceman is dating a sexy male Inhuman, the older Iceman signs up for a dating app in the first issue. 

The new series focuses on the older Bobby Drake, still figuring out his new life as an out queer superhero/teacher/mutant/son/ex/friend. The comic book — The Advocate was lucky enough to read an advance preview of both June releases — is a fun, thoughtful, and deeper than expected exploration of what it means to live your life once you’ve successfully come out of the closet as well as how coming out affects those around you. Issue 2, in fact, features a touching and honest exchange from Bobby’s ex, the popular X-Men character Kitty Pryde.  

Written by out writer and artist Sina Grace, with eye-grabbing covers by out artist Kevin Wada, and edited by out Marvel Comics editor Daniel Ketchum, Iceman is a comic that proudly balances LGBTQ issues, humorous (and occasionally dorky on purpose) one-liners, superhero action, and real human pathos. 

The Advocate was thrilled to take a moment of writer Sina Grace’s time to explore all things Iceman. Plus, exclusive an exclusive peek into issue 2! 


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