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Meet the New Mr. Gay Europe

Raf Van Puymbroeck was crowned at the 10th annual pageant of male beauty. 

Inside the Roy Moore Memos: Comparing Gays to Nazis

The suspended Alabama chief justice demonstrates an apocalyptic view of America after Obergefell.

Pulse Update: Slow Police Response May Have Cost Lives

The Washington Post report shows strong evidence that police delay proved fatal for several club-goers.

Mother of Slain Queer Son Blames Lack of Care for Mentally Ill

The mom doesn't hold malice for the killer but instead for "the system which allowed it to happen."

TBT: 15 WTF Personal Ads From a 1969 Advocate

These retro personals from The Advocate will show you how much — and how little — sex and cruising has changed in 47 years.

5 Reasons I’m on PrEP But Still Don’t Do Bareback

Here's what to say if you're challenged by your choice.

American Witch Hunts: Hillary, Megyn, Debbie

Homophobia, transphobia, and racism are on the tip of everyone's tongue lately. Too bad misogyny gets so little lip service.

Watch a Pulse Survivor Struggle to Move On

MTV's True Life series follows four individuals who survived the shooting of a gay nightclub in Orlando.

HIV Vaccine Trial Exceeds Expectations

Early success in a new trial bodes well for an eventual HIV vaccine.

Gay and Bi Teens, Sex, Drugs, and HIV: The Latest Numbers

A new study shows equal rates of risky sex between gay and straight male teens — but queer youth are still much more susceptible to HIV infection.

48 Out Athletes of the Rio Olympics Is a Record

These folks are doing us proud and blazing a trail for more athletes to come out.

15 LGBT People Are Running for Congress

It's time to take Washington back.

These Are the Two Vaccines That Could Save Gay Men's Lives

As we've been taught, and often forgotten, knowledge is power and ignorance can be death.

The Women Who Altered Queer Politics Forever (Video)

A new documentary gives these landmark ladies their due.

6 Takeaways from San Francisco’s Homelessness Project

The city's media takes a magnifying lens to an issue disproportionately affecting LGBT people.

Can You Enjoy Good Art by Bad People?

When does an artist become too reprehensible to enjoy? Drew Kiser says it's a highly personal calculus.

Thank These Lawyers for The Freedom to Marry

A new documentary shows how the final fight was won in the decades-long marriage equality battle. Watch part of it here.

Meet the 2016 Point Scholars

The Point Foundation is helping groom the next generation of LGBT leaders.