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WATCH: Laverne Cox on 'Finally' Meeting Caitlyn Jenner: She's a 'Sweet Woman'

WATCH: Laverne Cox on 'Finally' Meeting Caitlyn Jenner: She's a 'Sweet Woman'


Before ever meeting, Cox and Jenner have publicly talked a lot about each other, in larger conversations about trans media representation.

While both Laverne Cox and Caitlyn Jenner have long professed to love each others' work, the two busy trans icons had only ever connected over phone and social media -- until now.

On Instagram Monday, Cox shared with fans that she had "finally" met Jenner in-person at a private advance screening of the former Olympian's upcoming E! docuseries I Am Cait. The pair also took a picture with several trans actresses including Candis Cayne, Trace Lysette, and Zachary Drucker.

Before their happy encounter, however, both Cox and Jenner have had much to say about each other.

Jenner, for one, has publicly recognized Cox in both a Vanity Fair video and last week's ESPYS speech as one of the trans women in whose footsteps she's following as she navigates being an out trans woman.

Jenner, 65, has also not shied from away from admitting in her tweets and newly launched blog that she has a lot to learn about trans rights and lives that are different from her own. "Am I doing this right?" Jenner even asked her trans readers in a recent essay.

It's a question Cox and many others publicly wondered about when Jenner's new look and name were revealed on the June cover of Vanity Fair. Cox first responded on her blog to Jenner revealing her "authentic self" by saying that she was "moved by all the love and support Caitlyn Jenner is receiving," adding "Yasss Gawd! Werk Caitlyn! Get it!"

But Cox also, much like fellow trans leader of color Janet Mock, hastened to point out that Jenner will "never represent all trans people" -- even though the media might present her as such. "Most trans folks don't have the privileges that Caitlyn and I now have," Cox explained, urging the media to seek out "diverse representations" of trans communities. The question raised appeared to be whether or not Jenner would use her privileges to increase awareness about trans people with fewer privileges.

Thus far, Cox and company have seemingly had little to worry about. Jenner has gone out of her way to show the world that she is humbly "Learn[ing] from those who have walked the path before [me]," as she said in one of her first tweets, captioned with the Cox-originated hashtag #TransIsBeautiful.

In her much-talked about Wednesday acceptance speech for the ESPYS Arthur Ashe Award for courage, Jenner highlighted violence against trans women of color and the suicide epidemic among trans youth.

"Love this. Go Caitlyn!" Cox commented of Jenner's speech on Instagram. "So far, her story has been treated with a lot of care and respect," Cox added to E! news.

And since their first in-person encounter, during which Cox got to see I Am Cait imagery of Jenner dealing with her intense life in the reality star spotlight, Cox expressed more admiration on Monday's The Late Late Show with James Corden, notes Entertainment Tonight.

"She's such a sweet woman, loves her family, and just thinking about the whole paparazzi life that she has, I don't want that life," Cox said in the video interview below, later adding, "There's no way she could have transitioned privately, and I think she's doing it very eloquently and beautifully publicly."

See more from The Late Late Show below.

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