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10 LGBT X-Men

Jim Lee X Men
Long before explicitly LGBT characters started turning up in comic books, the X-Men served as metaphors for a number of oppressed minorities, including  LGBT folks. Within the past several years, however, several mutants have either made themselves known as LGBT or just felt the need for intimacy with someone of the same gender. Here’s a look at some of the most famous queer mutants in X-Men history.


Anole: One of the youngest X-Men to come out, Anole is a reptilian-like human with the powers of adaptive camouflage. Upon joining the team, Anole was brought under the tutelage of fellow out mutant Northstar. However, Northstar’s short-lived mentorship wasn’t enough to shield Anole from the stress and horrors of being part of the mutant team.


Shatterstar Bigcostume7

Shatterstar was genetically programmed to become a machine-like arena gladiator in the distant future. After traveling to the present and numerous adventures with X-Force, Shatterstar developed a relationship with fellow mutant Rictor. While Shatterstar still struggles with understanding human emotions, the couple have faced demons and survived death together.


Able to create seismic waves and topple buildings, Rictor has been in and out of the X-Men universe since the late 1980s. While he, like many other mutants, found himself temporarily without his powers, Rictor found his calling as a private investigator and comfort in the warm embrace of Shatterstar. In fact, the couple’s kiss is one of the first mainstream comics representation of same-sex love.

Tumblr MqhxrnUFWb1st3k82o1 1280

Karma helped found the New Mutants team back in the mid-1980s. Since then she’s traversed the globe in search of adventure as well as her past. While her affection for Kitty Pryde wasn’t reciprocated, it gave Karma the strength to come out to her teammates. She’s served all of her teams well, and her recent inheritance of a multibillion-dollar corporation will provide for the next phase of her career.


Sometimes a friend to the X-Men but more often a foe, shape-shifting assassin Mystique is a character who defies categorization when it comes to her sexuality. Originally a member of the second Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Mystique was written so as to have a relationship with confidante Destiny, but the editorial authorities at the time prevented it from being displayed on page. Since then, Mystique has had dalliances with numerous individuals, including one that produced X-Man Nightcrawler.


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