Suze Says Sound Finances Fight Income Inequality

Suze Says Sound Finances Fight Income Inequality

Financial guru Suze Orman's arsenal of free or inexpensive advice has been her own way of sticking it to The Man. And she sounded optimistic about what President Obama might have planned for a second term.

Orman told reporters during a Tuesday meeting about her Oprah Winfrey Network series, The Money Class, that her books, television appearances, and tool kits have been her own way of empowering everyone — particularly gay couples and their families — to dodge the oppression of antigay political agendas that result in income inequality

"What we can do in a society that really isn't trying to help us is —you have to take the actions you need to take to protect yourself," she said.

In the time of Proposition 8, the Defense of Marriage Act, and private companies' own policies deciding whether they grant equal benefits for their LGBT employees, Orman urges individuals to keep robust documents spelling out any financial provisions that they can control, like a revocable living trust, or power of attorney. 

As the November presidential election nears, Orman said the best way for voters to determine which candidate can help them the most is to ask candidates what they're willing to do for them. But Orman has already made up her mind about for whom she will pull the lever.

"I do think President Obama would be able to do a lot more if he's elected again than the other candidates because they would be in their first term, and worried about the second. He would be in his second term," she said.

Obama has never said he supports same-sex marriage and has instead said his position on the issue is "evolving." But that seems to give Orman reason to hope.

"As a lesbian woman, what would you expect from me?" she said. "I have a higher expectation to see marriage equality in the next four years with Obama than I do with anyone else."

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