WATCH: Chris Kluwe Takes His 'Lustful Monster' to Colbert

WATCH: Chris Kluwe Takes His 'Lustful Monster' to Colbert

Outspoken straight ally and Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe stopped by The Colbert Report Tuesday to talk equality with the satirically conservative Stephen Colbert. 

Noting that "football players are a thousand miles from gay … men in tight pants patting each other on the butt," Colbert challenged Kluwe on his outspoken support for marriage equality, most notably penned in a scathing letter to a Maryland representative promising that supporting equality would not turn the homophobic legislator into a "lustful cockmonster." 

"So far, with the defeat of the marriage amendment act in Minnesota," responded Kluwe, who campaigned against the amendment, "I have seen zero cockmonsters running around in the streets of Minnesota." 

Watch Kluwe and Colbert riff on one another in the video below. 

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