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Ranking Randy: Rainbow's Most Scathing Parodies

Randy Rainbow Most Scathing Parodies Ranked

Comedian Randy Rainbow has kept us sane through the election and now during its horrifying aftermath. Here's a listing of his best work.

We might be living in an alternate reality with the Trump adminstration, but at least YouTube comedian Randy Rainbow is keeping us entertained. From Russia to Hillary to the numerous alternative facts, here is a ranking of his best parodies.

5. "The Room Where It Happened"

Best lyric: Donald claims Jared Kushner dropped by but got bored pretty quick and then he dipped out quietly. Donald claims -- so before you change your tune, you're saying there's the lady, Slim Shady, and Junior?

This all-too-fitting Hamiliton spoof takes on Donald Trump Jr. and his room of Russian colluders (allegedly!) and crowns Ivanka Trump's husband the new "slim shady."

4. "Fact-Checker, Fact-Checker"

Best lyric: I thought that facts that you fictionalize are called something else ... like lies.

Randy Rainbow ripped Fiddler on the Roof off Broadway and strung it up on the White House lawn. Also there: Kellyanne Conway and her "alternative facts" (otherwise known as lies.)

3. "Russia Ties"

Best lyric: Did he lie, did he obstruct? Is he safe, or is he fucked?

The James Comey and Jeff Sessions hearings sound a little sweeter when sung to the tune of Grease's "Summer Days."

2. "Before He Tweets"

Best lyric: Right now, he's sitting on a solid gold toilet all alone and he's feeling kinda "queefy." Right now, he's starng at his stubby little fingers on his phone wondering how to spell "COVFEFE."

Carrie Underwood's powerhouse country revenge rocker "Before He Cheats" is now an anthem to Donald Trump's inability to maintain a relationship with common decency.

1. "The Nasty Woman"

Best lyric: Low in the polls was an orange groper, lady after lady after lad-eee-hoo...

Ah, back to the days when President Trump was an unlikely candidate. This Sound of Music reimagining will lift your spirits, even if you wish you were living in Austria. Take notice of a prescient a lyric toward the end -- something about an election being rigged.

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