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Randy Rainbow Skewers George Santos in Incredible Mary Poppins Parody

Randy Rainbow Skewers George Santos in Incredible Mary Poppins Parody

Randy Rainbow and Rep. George Santos

” ’Cause everything’s a fantasy with Santos,” Rainbow sings.

It was a matter of time, but Randy Rainbow did it again. This time the gay musical maven aimed his song parody at New York’s notorious fabulist congressman, Rep. George Santos.

With just under four minutes of total running time, Rainbow’s latest earworm pokes fun at the many lies Santos has told and made up some new claims the congressman could have pushed.

Rainbow released his new song, “Life’s a F***ing Fantasy for Santos” Wednesday morning, and the Internet loves it.“Everything’s a fantasy for Santos. No wonder they want Santos to resign,” Rainbow sings in the introduction.

“Nothing that he claims is true. He said Britney Spears played his Bar Mitzvah, even though he’s not a Jew!”

“It says he danced in Brazil is a drag queen for hire, then finished Baruch as a magna cum liar. At school, he excelled as a volleyball star ‘til he landed the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, but went on to become a Wall Street tycoon and the very first woman to land on the moon. Only after he fought in the Vietnam War (which I think he made up for publicity),” Rainbow fires off in rapid succession.

“He sailed up the Missouri with Lewis and Clark and then produced ‘Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark.’ He survived the Titanic, then had to disrobe in the movie, which won him his first Golden Globe. He invented the internet, waltzed with Ataire. His mother was Elvis; his father is Cher. He led the Congressional Science Committee. He starred as Samantha on Sex in the City. His album just dropped. He’d love to adopt. He’s full-out crazy and must be stopped!” the tune continues.

Santos appears on the screen.

“I made a mistake. Humans are flawed, and we all make mistakes,” a clip of Santos during a TV appearance says.

As the song continues, the Emmy and Grammy-nominated comedian doesn’t let the admitted liar off the hook.

“He thinks we are his dumb as him (as he). An excellent reflection of his party. For bullsh*t is their favorite game to play. And though he tries to spin. He just can’t win. His nose keeps growing as the feds close in. ’Cause everything’s a fantasy with Santos. My fantasy’s that Santos goes away! (For 10 to 20).”

“How long until this assh*le goes away?” Rainbow asks as the song ends.

Rainbow’s hits regularly go viral as he skewers Republicans who find themselves in ridiculous situations or hypocrisy.

His gig took off during the Trump administration when he often made fun of the former president and members of his administration.

Santos remains steadfast in his stance that he will serve the remainder of his term and possibly run for reelection. He has dismissed calls for his resignation.

Watch “Life’s a F***ing Fantasy for Santos” below.

Life's a F***ing Fantasy for Santos - A Randy Rainbow

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