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George Santos

Santos Claims He Survived Murder Attempt, Was Victim Of Mugging: Report

Rachel Maddow revealed new tall tales told by the troubled talker.

Watch Bowen Yang Slay As George Santos on SNL

SNL featured Bowen Yang as George Santos as Kitara Ravache and it was hilarious.

George Santos: The Latest Lies, Allegations, & Revelations

The fabulist New York congressman has plenty of developments to explain when he returns to Capitol Hill next week.

George Santos Named to Two House Committees Amid Calls to Resign

The gay Republican admitted to fabricating significant portions of his biography, and federal and local authorities are investigating his financial dealings.

Video: George Santos Appeared at Brandon Straka Event Under Alias

It seems to depend on the day to know what name Rep. George Santos is going by, a resurfaced video making its rounds online shows.

Is George Santos Even Gay?

Michael Kelley, chairman of equalpride, thinks the embattled congressman should go through the rigorous vetting process that queer-owned companies endure.

George Santos Claims He Will Resign If 142,000 People Ask Him To

In other words, George Santos wants another election. 

'Clean Up Your House,' Democrats Tell GOP Leadership After Santos Saga

Now that the lying congressman from New York is seated, there's not much that can be done to get him to go if he refuses -- aside from an act of Congress.

McCarthy Wary of Defiant George Santos's Committee Assignments

The New York Republican, who says he's not resigning, may find himself without any significant committee assignments.

BREAKING: New York Republicans Call for George Santos to Resign

Nassau County Republican Committee members said that Santos is unwelcome at their headquarters and must resign.