Massachusetts police seek charges in unlicensed needle-exchange program

In Springfield, Mass., police officials said they are seeking charges against two members of the nonprofit Arise for Social Justice for allegedly operating an unlicensed needle-exchange program. Following an investigation lasting months, police sought a search warrant for Arise's Rifle Street office, said Springfield police captain William Cochrane. The search uncovered 380 clean hypodermic needles, 62 hypodermic syringe preparation kits, and used needles in a medical container, he said. Hearings are scheduled for October 1 for Arise president Michaelann C. Bewsee, 56, and agency member Tory Field, 28. Both face charges of unlicensed distribution of hypodermic syringes, Cochrane said. In addition, Field faces a charge stemming from possession of a small amount of marijuana found in her purse. Springfield's city council rejected a proposed needle-exchange program six years ago. However, city councilor Bud Williams said he plans to reintroduce the issue. (AP)

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