With the theme "Love Happens Here," London's 2017 Pride Festival emphasizes love and unity while reflecting on the Pulse massacre a year ago. 

July 13 2017 11:31 AM

Friends and family of LGBT activist Dean Eastmond screened a video on London Pride's main stage about his accomplishments since being diagnosed with cancer.

July 11 2017 6:16 AM

London Pride is apologizing for a poster campaign that proclaimed "Being homophobic is sooo gay." Still, it might have hit a larger point.

June 30 2017 2:59 PM

The mass protest will be held near the Russian embassy in London on Wednesday, April 12, according to Gay Star News.

April 11 2017 4:17 PM

A violent attack on the 17-year-old has Britain outraged.

April 08 2017 6:16 PM

People around the world spent their holiday weekend demonstrating against Trump.

February 21 2017 5:31 PM