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Limbaugh: Trump Will 'Have Fun' With Buttigieg Kissing Husband Onstage

Rush Limbaugh

The spewing of homophobia by Donald Trump’s supporters against Pete Buttigieg has begun.

Trump will “have fun” if Buttigieg is the Democratic presidential nominee because Buttigieg kisses his husband onstage, right-wing radio talker and longtime homophobe Rush Limbaugh said on his Wednesday broadcast. Limbaugh, who’s also a transphobe, racist, and misogynist, was presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor, last week during Trump’s State of the Union address.

Democratic “pooh-bahs” have to be disappointed with the field of candidates, Limbaugh asserted in a clip provided by watchdog group Media Matters for America. “They’re looking at Mayor Pete, 37-year-old gay guy, [former] mayor of South Bend, loves to kiss his husband on the debate stage. And they’re saying, ‘OK, how’s this going to look, 37-year-old gay guy kissing his husband onstage next to Mr. Man Donald Trump? What’s going to happen there?’ And they got to be looking at that, and they’ve got to be saying, that despite all the great progress and despite all the great wokeness and despite all the great ground that’s been covered, America’s still not ready to elect a gay guy kissing his husband on the debate stage president. They have to be saying this, don’t they? Now, there may be some Democrats who think that is the ticket. There may be some Democrats who think that’s exactly what we need to do, Rush. Get a gay guy kissing his husband onstage, ram it down Trump’s throat, and beat him in the general election. Really. Having fun envisioning that.”

Limbaugh dissed other Democratic presidential hopefuls as well, calling Sen. Bernie Sanders “a dyed-in-the-wool socialist” and Sen. Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas … barely out of the teepee,” saying Sen. Amy Klobuchar doesn’t have a chance of beating Trump, and deeming former Vice President Joe Biden out of the running. He also called Buttigieg “Bootyjudge.”

Sanders won the New Hampshire primary Tuesday, with Buttigieg coming in a close second — after a similarly close finish in the Iowa caucus last week, which saw Buttigieg receive a slight edge in pledged delegates while Sanders took the popular vote by a narrow margin. Klobuchar finished third in New Hampshire after a strong performance in last Friday’s debate. While Warren and Biden didn’t do so well in New Hampshire, there are many primaries to come and they’re very much still in the race.

You can listen to Limbaugh’s vitriol below, if you dare.

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