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Doritos Goes Bold With LGBTQ+ Support in Lesbian Love Ad

Doritos Goes Bold With LGBTQ+ Support in Lesbian Love Ad

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A new Spanish-language Doritos commercial may bring viewers to tears.

Bold Love is the new Doritos advertisement that aired in Mexico this week, featuring a lesbian couple discussing how much they love each other despite the homophobia they encounter. The two-minute ad features the couple on a nighttime drive.

“I love you so much,” says the woman in the passenger seat, in between the occasional Dorito.

“How much?” asks the driver.

“I’d lower the moon and stars for you.”

They both laugh, then the driver asks, “Seriously though. What would you do for me?”

Our passenger takes a moment, then shifts to look directly at her love as she drives. “I’d kiss you in front of everyone,” she says, and reaches across to put her hand on her love’s shoulder, “without caring about the looks [we’d get] or what could happen [to us].”


She then goes on to say how she’d introduce her to her family, even though her grandmother and father will stop talking to her, “it doesn’t matter to me,” she says. She continues, saying that she’d ask her to “come visit me every day, with a huge bouquet of flowers, even if they kick me out.”

“That doesn’t count,” her girlfriend says with a smile. “You’re not happy with your job.”

They both smile, and after a moment of silence, comes the perfect note to send all true romantics swooning. “I’d marry you,” she says, “even though half the people we invite won’t show up.”

They exchange a loving look, and drive off into the night. Statistics about our community come across the screen, e.g., 33 percent of LGBTQ+ people experience discrimination at work and 3 out of 10 LGBTQ+ people have been kicked out of their homes.

Previous to this, the “Pride All Year” campaign video have featured LGBTQ+ people and families in Israel, as well as other equally bold, emotionally appealing, even tear-inducing commercials. And with all of them, the company also shares links for resources.

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