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Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly is shocked to learn that a musical from 2019 has LGBTQ+ characters

The conservative pundit is continuing to demonstrate her lack of cultural awareness.

Watch Megyn Kelly Claim Trans Activists Are Making Gay Men Trans

During her show, Kelly and guest Steven Crowder questioned over and over again the experiences of trans people. 

Trump's Debate Diss of Rosie Staged After Fox Leaked Question to Him

Among the many revelations in a New Yorker report was that Fox executives leaked an infamous debate question to the then-candidate.

Megyn Kelly OK With Blackface, But Not Black Santa

The former Fox News host said she was fine with white people dressing up as black, but not black people dressing up as Santa.

Megyn Kelly: 'I Complained' to Fox News About Bill O'Reilly

The news anchor says she was another victim of O'Reilly's sexual harassment. 

Debra Messing Regrets Appearing on 'Megyn Kelly Today'

The Will & Grace star was "dismayed" by Kelly's joke about gay people.

What Will The Donald Say? Megyn Kelly Leaving Fox News for NBC

The Fox News anchor has decided to leave the network to take on what The New York Times called "a broad new role" at NBC News for an undisclosed salary. 

In Memoir, Megyn Kelly Alleges Harassment by Roger Ailes

The Fox News anchor is the latest to come forward with such charges against the cable channel's ousted chairman.

Megyn Kelly Is a Good Reporter, Not a Sex Fiend

The Fox News journalist was unbowed after an unrelenting misogynistic assault from Trump surrogate Newt Gingrich.

'Good God': Megyn Kelly Now Fully Exasperated by Trump

Refusing to toe the corporate line, Fox journalist Megyn Kelly is gobsmacked -- live on air -- by the Republican candidate's nonstop unforced errors.

Megyn Kelly's "Sigh" About Blaming Sexual Harassment Victims

Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly responded to comments Donald Trump's son made about sexual harassment. 

American Witch Hunts: Hillary, Megyn, Debbie

Homophobia, transphobia, and racism are on the tip of everyone's tongue lately. Too bad misogyny gets so little lip service.

Megyn Kelly and DeRay Mckesson Clash Over Freddie Gray

The Fox News host cut short an interview with the gay Black Lives Matter activist.

WATCH: Does Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Love Tony Perkins?

In the past two years, Kelly has featured the noted homophobe more than all other Fox News hosts combined.

Fox's Megyn Kelly Was Bullied as a Kid

The Fox News anchor told Elle magazine she was relentlessly bullied in seventh grade.