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Trey Pearson Takes on Mass Shootings, LGBTQ+ Rights in New Single

Trey Pearson

"We Don't Want Your War" is a protest song that "yearns for us to progress and get better," said the gay singer.

Trey Pearson has premiered his most political video yet exclusively with The Advocate.

The gay singer, who rose to fame in the Christian rock band Everyday Sunday, penned "We Don't Want Your War" in order to remind the world that, even as the pandemic rages, social injustice continues to take root.

"'We Don't Want Your War' is a bit of a protest song, inspired by a lot of things going on in the world right now, with asylum seekers and kids locked in cages at our border, police brutality, climate change, mass shootings, and the continued struggle of LGBTQ people still being attacked in our culture, and growing up in oppressive homes and churches," Pearson told The Advocate. "The song yearns for us to progress and get better."

The song includes references to "dark days in America," including the shooting at Sandy Hook and the death of Eric Garner. In addition to criticizing the "thoughts and prayers" of politicians who refuse to take action, it is also a call to action for listeners to care for the plight of others.

As the lyrics go, "We just want a world where boys can like boys and girls can like girls. It's time to fight for those in need. Stand up when they can't speak. But we don't want your war."

Pearson, although known for his Christian rock background, is emerging as a potent voice for LGBTQ+ issues in music. A recent video, "1984" is "a love letter sent to us from the LGBT community of the '80s" to inspire people in a time of crisis and uprising." It was dedicated to the late AIDS activist Larry Kramer.

Watch "We Don't Want Your War" below.

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