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British soccer coach quits over lesbian drama

British soccer coach quits over lesbian drama

Coach Barney Davidson of the British women's soccer team Gretna resigned Tuesday reportedly because of his team's rampant lesbian drama, according to The [London] Daily Mail. Davidson said numerous fights between players in romantic relationships were tearing the team apart and that he could not take it anymore. "'I'm at the end of my tether," he said. "Some girls spend all the time squabbling rather than actually focusing on the game. Most of the team were fine, but some were an absolute nightmare. I don't have anything against lesbians. At the end of the day it had nothing to do with the team, but it started showing on the pitch that things weren't right." "These sort of things were happening all the time," out lesbian team member Fiona Buglass said. "I knew of four women who were lesbians, but I don't know who caused the problems. It did cause problems within the team because if two had an argument over relationships, it did reflect in the way they played on the field." Team captain Amy Davidson, daughter of the coach, said the turmoil has destroyed the team. "When the lesbian girls fall out, it can be pure hell," she said. "Everything is affected, and your whole preparation for a game is thrown away. I am not surprised the manager walked away from it all because most of the straight girls would not have tolerated the tantrums--so what chance did he stand?" Davidson has vowed never to coach women's soccer again. He had turned the once dismal team into a championship club. The team won the Northern Women's League title last season.

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