Guerriero attacks Bush and Cheney for "feigning outrage" over discussion of Mary Cheney's sexuality

CNN reports that the head of the gay political group Log Cabin Republicans has come out angrily against the Bush-Cheney campaign for "feigning outrage" over Sen. John Kerry's comments in Wednesday night's presidential debate regarding Mary Cheney's homosexuality while asking that President Bush "stop attacking gay families on the campaign trail." Patrick Guerriero, interviewed on CNN's American Morning Friday, acknowledged that Kerry was "not wise" to bring up Mary Cheney in response to a question during the debate about homosexuality. But Guerriero also pointed out that Republicans "who are expressing outrage at the debate comments really have been outrageous themselves."

"The reality is the type of outrage that is being expressed by some Republicans should be expressed at themselves," said Guerriero. "They've decided to use gay families as wedge issues across America in swing states--that is truly outrageous." The Log Cabin Republicans withheld endorsing any candidate in the 2004 presidential election in response to a number of antigay planks in the Republican Party Platform, including opposition to gay and lesbian service members in the military and opposition to same-sex marriages or civil unions. According to Guerriero, members of Log Cabin are "insulted by a campaign that has attempted to amend the Constitution, and in too many states we've seen discriminatory amendments that would deny hospital visitation and domestic-partnership legislation."

"The big story in this election is that [Bush political strategist] Karl Rove has decided to strategically use gay and lesbian Americans in a number of swing states," said Guerriero. "The same people who are feigning outrage about what happened in the debate should speak out against that type of political gamesmanship."

At Wednesday night's debate, Kerry responded to a question about whether or not homosexuality is a choice by saying, "We're all God's children.... And I think if you were to talk to Dick Cheney's daughter, who is a lesbian, she would tell you that she was being who she was, she's being who she was born as." Despite the fact that Mary's lesbianism was mentioned in the vice presidential debate with no angry response from Republicans, both Dick Cheney and his wife Lynne responded angrily against Kerry's remark in subsequent days. Guerriero said he felt that Kerry and his running mate, Sen. John Edwards, should "make their case for gay and lesbian fairness" without mentioning Mary Cheney and that "the president and Karl Rove should stop attacking gay families on the campaign trail."

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