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Lesbian lobbyist
accused of violating state house rules in Oregon

Lesbian lobbyist
accused of violating state house rules in Oregon

Controversy arose Monday in the Oregon state house when a lesbian lobbyist sat with her partner, state representative Tina Kotek, at her desk on the house floor last week during a lengthy debate about gay rights, reports the Associated Press.

Kotek and lobbyist Aimee Wilson sat together as the house passed bills granting LGBT couples the benefits of marriage. Additionally, the bills call for an outlawing discrimination based on sexual preference.

Once the bills were passed, Kotek kissed Wilson on the cheek.

However, the house Republican leader, Wayne Scott, was angered by Wilson's presence on the house floor because he said it violated house rules that does not permit lobbyists to be there while the chamber is in session.

"Registered lobbyists should not have access to the house floor, regardless of the circumstances," Scott, house minority leader, told the AP. "I consider any violation of the rules of the house to be a very serious matter."

"I was acting in that capacity as her spouse," Wilson said. "I just have to wonder whether this is about really protecting the process or if this is really about the issue at hand."

As reported by the AP, Scott has asked House Speaker Jeff Merkley and the house chief clerk's office to further investigate the incident. (The Advocate)

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