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It's Your Move,
Says Log Cabin's Patrick Sammon

It's Your Move,
Says Log Cabin's Patrick Sammon

The Court Did Their Job, Now It's Your Turn

Today hundreds of committed, loving gay and lesbian couples in California will affirm their relationships by becoming legally married. This is an historic day for all fair-minded Americans who believe that all of us--gay and straight--are worthy of the same dignity, responsibilities, and rights that only come with a civil marriage license. This is a bipartisan issue. All of us in the LGBT community must stand together and fight to keep marriage equality and defeat the proposed constitutional amendment in November.

The campaign ahead will be a difficult one, but victory is possible. Log Cabin is committed to doing all we can to convince Republicans to oppose the amendment. I am proud that Governor Schwarzenegger chose the Log Cabin national convention in San Diego to announce his opposition to this amendment. We appreciate his support.

I am optimistic about the campaign ahead but victory will take a lot of hard work. Every LGBT American has an obligation to step forward during this important time. Victory will be determined by what of each of us does to help the effort. Some might go door to door or give speeches to community groups or call talk radio stations. Others may write a check. Others might simply have a conversation with a friend, a family member, or even a stranger.

Think about how you can help this effort. Everyone must step forward in big and small ways to help this cause. It doesn't matter if you're from California or Connecticut or Sacramento or Savannah. This is the fight of our generation--now is the time. If not this, what? If not now, when?

The story of our lives is the strongest tool we have as this campaign begins. In moments like these when our dream of freedom and fairness for LGBT Americans becomes a little closer to reality, I urge everyone in our community to share their personal stories--their lives, their loves, and their relationships--to everyone they know. But especially to conservatives and Republicans.

We all know that when hot-button issues like gay rights are taken out of the abstract and made real and personal, the vast majority of Americans become more accepting of LGBT people. As we continue to share our stories and come out to our friends, our family, our co-workers, and our neighbors, we all take our movement closer to the day when every American, regardless of sexual orientation, is treated with the same respect and dignity.

Many millions of votes will determine the outcome in California. Each vote is an individual. Each decision a personal one. Each of us has the power to influence votes in California. All of us must put aside partisan differences to step forward and work together to secure this win. History is not destiny. Victory is possible but not assured. The outcome depends on you.

Sammon is president of the Log Cabin Republicans and the Liberty Education Forum.

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