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Small Oregon Town
Elects Trans Mayor

A small town in
southeast Oregon elected possibly the nation's first
openly transgender mayor on Tuesday. Silverton, a small city
with a population of 7,414, according to the U.S.
Census, elected Stu Rasmussen as its mayor. He won by
a hefty 13-point margin against 16-year incumbent Ken

Rasmussen served
as mayor in the 1990s before he transitioned. He told
KGW TV that he became comfortable coming out as transgender
only a few years ago. "I identify mostly as a
heterosexual male," he said. "But I just like to look

The mayor-elect
said any unease that voters may have initially felt with
Rasmussen was quelled once he started campaigning. "[We] got
down to discussing whatever the issue is -- city
business or whatever -- and they figure out, This
guy's different, but he knows what he's talking
" (Michelle Garcia, The Advocate)

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