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Obama Once
Supported Same-Sex Marriage

Obama Once
            Supported Same-Sex Marriage

Throughout Barack
Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, the
now-president-elect was vocal about his support for civil
unions instead of same-sex marriage.

However, Obama
went on the record during his 1996 run for the Illinois
senate as being in support of such unions. Obama responded
to a candidate questionnaire for the Chicago gay
newspaper Outlines -- submitted by Advocate
copy chief and then-Outlines reporter Trudy Ring. He
said, "I favor legalizing same-sex marriages,
and would fight efforts to prohibit such

According to this
week's issue of the Windy City Times
(which Outlines bought and merged with in 2000,
taking over the name), Obama did not use of
the phrase "civil unions" in the questionnaire. Obama also
said he would favor a civil rights bill for gays and
lesbians, a hike in funding for AIDS services, and
adoption by gay and lesbian parents.

Though Obama did
not campaign in California to defeat Proposition 8,
which banned marriage equality in the state, he did come out
against the referendum before the election in

Obama is
currently meeting resistance from some over his choice of
evangelical pastor Rick Warren to give the invocation
at his inauguration. Warren, whose Saddleback
Church is based in Lake Forest, Calif., was a staunch
supporter of Proposition 8. (

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