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Convicted Gay Trump Supporter Brandon Straka Begs Men to Email Him

Brandon Straka yelling.

Things are going downhill for #WalkAway campaign founder, Brandon Straka.

Earlier this month, Straka accepted a plea deal for charges that were brought with in connection with his involvement in events surrounding the January 6 Capitol insurrection. As a part of that deal, he must pay $500 restitution for damages to the Capitol grounds and a fine of up to $5,000 for a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct.

Over the past few weeks, Straka has been trying to transition as many followers as possible to an email newsletter.

"Patriots," he wrote to Facebook on October 10. "Thanks are SO VOLATILE with Big Tech platforms right now. I implore each and every one of you to take 20 seconds to sign up for my email list RIGHT NOW. At any point the tech giants can pull the plug on any of us with no opportunity to let any of you know it has happened."

He followed it up two days later writing; "Until my case is resolved (I have sentencing in December,) emails are how I'm communicating with all of you!" According to a recent report, one of those emails included a plea for men to email him.

"Dear patriots," he wrote according to JoeMyGod. "Throughout this year I have been strong, optimistic, and focused on the future. I still am. But these past few days have been very hard for me, and I just need to be honest and tell you about it."

Straka wrote of pleading guilty to disorderly conduct and the "hatred coming my way." He also wrote of being "annihilated by the liberal media and on social media," while other conservatives have stayed silent and not defended him.

"Please send love," he wrote. "Love. Love. LOVE. And tell your husbands, boyfriends, sons, and fathers to sign up for my emails!! I only get about 1 out of 100 emails from men. lol I love my women followers, but also want to hear from the guys that we're all going to get through this in one piece."

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