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Indonesia: Prison Time for Gays

Indonesia: Prison Time for Gays

One Indonesian province passed a law this week mandating that
individuals found guilty of homosexual conduct receive lashings and fines, or prison time.

According to the legislation, "Any person deliberately
performing homosexuality or lesbianism is threatened with up to 100
cane lashes and a maximum fine of 1,000 grams of fine gold, or
imprisonment of up to 100 months," reports the Associated Press.

The law also calls for capital punishment against those involved in premarital sex, adultery, pedophilia, or rape. The most severe punishment is reserved for adultery, for which the law calls for death by stoning.

The legislative council of the province of Aceh passed the law despite objections from Aceh’s executive body and human rights organizations.

While the majority of Indonesians practice a moderate form of Islam, Aceh has historically been a more conservative region. In 2001, the federal government allowed Aceh to replace Indonesia’s criminal code with Sharia, the body of Islamic religious law.

Though the law passed the legislative branch, the executive body says it will not enforce the harsh punishments.

"It's final that the Aceh administration would not enforce stoning for Islamic Sharia law violators. In Islam, the law must protect its citizens' human rights," Aceh vice governor Muhammad Nazar said to TheJakarta Post.

The law takes effect in 30 days.

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