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Eleven Celebs Perez Has Bullied 

Eleven Celebs Perez Has Bullied 


On Wednesday, Perez Hilton announced that he didn't want to be seen as a bully and he would immediately stop attacking and outing celebs. As Perez prepares to turn over a new leaf, take a look at 11 of the stars who have endured a disproportionately large share of Hilton's wrath over the years.

Lance Bass and Reichen Lehmkuhl
Nicknames: Princess Frosty Locks and the First Reich

Recap: Perez had been pressuring Lance Bass (pictured, right) to come out for months before he turned up the heat by posting pictures of him traveling with then-boyfriend Reichen Lehmkuhl (pictured, left). Lance came out in July 2006, saying the rumors were starting to affect his daily life. That December he and Reichen split, and Perez focused his energy on bashing the reality show star, calling him a "Z lister" and setting off a yearlong feud between the two.

Christina Aguilera
Nickname: Floptina

Recap: With comparisons to Lady Gaga surrounding the release of Christina Aguilera's 2010 album Bionic, Perez Hilton took to teasing the pop star -- and before the album hit stores, he'd declared it a flop. He called her a copycat when she admitted to drawing inspiration from Madonna for her "Not Myself Tonight" video and as recently as October 5 posted the entry "David Guetta to Save Floptina?"

Dustin Lance Black

Recap: Perez Hilton dragged Oscar-winning Milk scribe Dustin Lance Black's name through the mud when, on June 12, 2009, he posted the entry "Oscar Winner Dustin Lance Black eXXXposed!" Accompanying the entry were private photos of Black with another man -- photos Hilton ultimately had to remove from the site, but not before posting multiple entries criticizing Black for, based on the photos, appearing to have engaged in unsafe sex.

Jennifer Aniston
Nickname: MANiston

Recap: Since filing suit against Perez Hilton in 2007 for posting topless photos of her from the movie The Break-Up, Jennifer Aniston has been the bull's-eye on the blogger's target. He makes claims that she'll never maintan a steady relationship. In January 2009, under the post "Couple Has Dog Cloned," he ran a photo of the actress. In his October 13 video claiming he's done with the bullying, he vowed never to use the nickname "MANiston" again.

Neil Patrick Harris

Early in his blogging career Perez Hilton urged readers to contact him with intimate stories about Neil Patrick Harris in an effort to get him to come out. In November 2006 it happened, and Perez went back to gushing over the actor's good looks. But this past summer he took a jab at Harris for casting Vanessa Hudgens in his Hollywood Bowl production of Rent.

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Nickname: Jennifer Love Desperate

Recap: Perez Hilton has devoted multiple posts to suggesting that Jennifer Love Hewitt is a publicity whore, even calling her split with fiance Ross McCall in 2009 a play for attention. He's made fun of her acting, made fun of her TV series, made fun of her movies. Then, in an about-face, on September 30 he praised her appearance as a rape victim in an episode of Law & Order: SVU.

Lindsay Lohan
Nickname: Lindsanity

Recap: Sure, Lindsay Lohan's very public problems have been going on for years, but Perez Hilton has gone after Lindsay for everything from her substance abuse and legal woes to her relationships with family, friends, and "DJ SaMANtha Ronson."

Rumer Willis
Nickname: Potato Head

Recap: Perez Hilton doesn't think Rumer Willis is very pretty, because for years he called her Potato Head. Criticisms of her acting ability followed, and though he eventually started referring to her by her given name, earlier this year he posted a photo of her alongside one of Dracula's dying brides in Van Helsing and called the pairing "Separated at Birth."

Vanessa Hudgens
Nickname: WhatsHerFace

Recap: In addition to criticizing Vanessa Hudgens for her singing and acting, Perez Hilton has made it clear he doesn't like her much because she's dating his crush, Zac Efron. Sample post: "The oh-so-fine Zac Efron and his fug beard girlfriend Vadge Hudgens got cozy at the Lakers game." Also: "Check out WhatsHerFace's FUGtastic new promotional poster."

Queen Latifah

Recap: There are many celebrities Perez Hilton says he knows are gay and would like to see come out: Jodie Foster, Anderson Cooper, Kevin Spacey, Wentworth Miller ... the list goes on. Since this is a list of 11, Queen Latifah can represent the group because seldom a week goes by that he doesn't post photos of her and some lady and suggests they're more than just friends.
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