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Suze Orman: It Gets Better

Suze Orman: It Gets Better

Suze Orman, who is best known for her school of hard knocks
financial advice, is now telling gay and lesbian teens that “it gets better.”

In a video the CNBC contributor submitted to Dan Savage’s It Gets Better campaign, Orman says,“I’ve spent my entire life being gay,
being a lesbian woman. And back then, back in the ’50s, I’m here to tell
you — when I was born, I knew I was gay from day one. But there wasn’t anybody to
talk about it. ... As every day passed, with everything that I did, I knew that if
I was just willing to be who I am, that the world would eventually change and
accept people like me. And look at me now. So my message to you is this, ‘Just
stick with us.’”

Watch Orman’s video below.

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