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Jon Stewart Tries Not Saying What Everyone Is Thinking

Jon Stewart Tries Not Saying What Everyone Is Thinking

Despite a "comedy repression" session with Jerry Seinfeld, comedian Jon Stewart skewered Marcus Bachmann's antigay stances on The Daily Show Wednesday.

A hidden camera investigation by Truth Wins Out found that Rep. Michele Bachmann's husband offers so-called reparative therapy at his string of Christian counseling clinics. When Stewart asked to see video of who would do such a thing, up came footage of the Bachmanns dancing during a campaign rally.

"That's the guy teaching people not to be gay? Seriously? Is that the guy?" mocked Stewart. "Is he teaching people not to be gay or is he like the Green Mile guy and just absorbing it all?"

And that joke set off the self-reprimanding.

"No. No. I'm not going there," said Stewart. "Don't go there, Jon ... Just because Dr. Bachmann's therapy to cure gayness does real damage to real people, and he is seemingly curing them so he can hoard all the gayness for himself, that is no reason to let your primal urge to ridicule this seeming hypocrisy out. Just turn it off."

"The feeling will pass," he assured himself. "Everyone looks gayer when they're dancing anyway."

Of course, Stewart couldn't stop. Luckily, Seinfeld swooped in to help make the temptation go away. Watch below. Really, you must watch.

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