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Mexican Presbyterians Say "Adios" to U.S. Denom

Mexican Presbyterians Say "Adios" to U.S. Denom

The theologically conservative National Presbyterian Church of Mexico has voted to sever ties with the Presbyterian Church (USA) over a disagreement about gay ministers.

Despite a 139-year history and a network of social service ministries spanning the U.S.-Mexican border, the Mexican denomination made the decision to stop working with the U.S. church because of the latter’s May vote to allow the ordaination of same-sex clergy.

Leaders of the U.S. Presbyterian Church, which is based in Louisville, Ky., said Wednesday that the break has saddened them but they hope there will be a way both sides will be able to continue helping those along the border who are in need.

The vote in Mexico was announced just as a conservative branch of U.S. Presbyterians were meeting in Minnesota to debate whether they should make a similar break with the Louisville-based denomination.

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