The Fonz Blasts Bachmann, Loves Gays and Gaga

The Fonz Blasts Bachmann, Loves Gays and Gaga

Henry Winkler, who created the Fonz, the iconic warmhearted '50s greaser on Happy Days, compares Marcus Bachmann's gay reparative therapy to upholstering furniture.

Winkler was a guest on Sirius XM's LGBT-themed radio program The Six Pack to promote his new book, I Never Met An Idiot on The River. DJ Ben Harvey and comedian Dave Rubin ask about the sexuality of Barry Zuckerkorn, an inept attorney he played on another sitcom, Arrested Development. "He doesn't know," Winkler says. "But he does wear chiffon underwear."

The hosts then ask the actor how the Fonz would feel about gay people. "I think he feels the same way I do," Winkler answers. "I don't think about a person as gay, I think about them as a human being."

The hosts then suggest that due to the Fonz's leather jacket and ultramasculine demeanor, he must have a huge following in the bear community, a term that had to be explained to Winkler. "I have wonderful gay fans," he says. "Wonderful straight fans. And some very confused fans!"

Winkler even cracks a joke about Marcus Bachmann and his controversial gay reparative clinic. "Marcus Bachmann is trying to refurbish [gays] like sofas!"

Winkler also comes out as a Lady Gaga fan, especially after seeing her on So You Think You Can Dance. "I really want her autograph," he says. "I respect her. I thought she was incredibly insightful, incredibly supportive, incredibly warm, and had the biggest shoes I'd ever seen in my entire life."

Listen to the entire interview here.

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