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Thomas Roberts Blasts Sally Kern

Thomas Roberts Blasts Sally Kern

Following Sunday's suicide of 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer, MSNBC host Thomas Roberts talked with the Human Rights Campaign's Fred Sainz about the damage caused by Sally Kern, the Oklahoma legislator who twice compared gays to terrorists.

"What planet does this woman live on?" Roberts asked in reference to Kern's remarks, especially timed to the momentous step forward of "don't ask, don't tell'"s repeal.

HRC's vice president of communications, Fred Sainz, said that Kern's statements on gays contribute to the low self-esteem and self-hatred of young LGBT people.

"I do believe [remarks like Kern's] are the equivalent of hate speech because they do serve as the basis for discrimination and oftentimes they lead to very real consequences in our society," Sainz said on MSNBC. Watch the video below.

Sainz said HRC is starting an effort called Call It Out, where respected officials are taken to task for antigay comments.

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