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FBI Tells DiCaprio, Eastwood There's No Evidence Hoover Was Gay

FBI Tells DiCaprio, Eastwood There's No Evidence Hoover Was Gay

Leonardo DiCaprio and his J. Edgar director Clint Eastwood met with the FBI to investigate whether there's evidence that Hoover was gay, but learned "there is no evidence in the historical record on the issue," according to USA Today.

Assistant FBI director Mike Kortan says he met separately with Eastwood and DiCaprio, who plays Hoover in the upcoming film written by Dustin Lance Black, and both men inquired about Hoover's sexuality. Kortan says both men were told, "Vague rumors and fabrications have cropped up from time to time, but there is no evidence in the historical record on this issue."

Kortan says the bureau didn't attempt to shape the film, but simply provided information so the story would be accurate.

USA Today reports that former FBI agents campaigned to prevent any
depiction of the long-rumored sexual relationship between Hoover and
protégé Clyde Tolson.

William Branon, chairman of the J. Edgar
Hoover Foundation, wrote to Eastwood this year, saying, "There is no
basis in fact for such a portrayal of Mr. Hoover. It would be a grave
injustice and monumental distortion to proceed with such a depiction
based on a completely unfounded and spurious assertion."

Cartha "Deke" DeLoach, once a top aide to Hoover, says he and DiCaprio discussed the late FBI director's private life when the actor paid a three-hour visit to DeLoach's home in South Carolina.

"When the subject of homosexuality came up, I made it very clear that I never saw any evidence of it whatsoever," DeLoach says. "I traveled with him, I ate in his home and he in mine. I knew Clyde Tolson to be Mr. Hoover's companion and best friend. When you are somebody like Mr. Hoover, I guess you need somebody to talk to."

J. Edgar is scheduled for release November 9.

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