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'Ex-Gay' Movement: Weaker By the Minute

'Ex-Gay' Movement: Weaker By the Minute


Current and former "ex-gay" leaders are backing off previous assertions that gay people can be "converted" to heterosexuality, especially after a study of Exodus members showed many were not "cured" of same-sex attractions.

A study in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy tracked almost 100 longtime members of Exodus, a group that encourages gay people to drop same-sex behavior. Of the three-quarters of people who remained in the study over seven years, only a quarter said their orientation changed. Alan Chambers, president of Exodus, says sexuality is complicated, but he's now careful about strongly suggesting people can switch orientations without major effort. Another group called The Sight Ministry teaches that God wants people to be heterosexual, but also says it cannot "cure" people of homosexuality. Members of such groups who see themselves as successful admit that they still have same-sex attractions, they just deny themselves the satisfaction of gay relationships, according to a story in The Tennessean.

Peterson Toscano, who endured the "ex-gay" movement for 17 years, says he thinks Christians will evolve in their thinking on gays. Regarding their beliefs on slavery and divorce, "The Bible didn't change," Toscano told The Tennessean. "But the way they interpreted the Bible did."

Meanwhile, in Brazil, a former "ex-gay" leader has come out against "conversion therapy." Sergio Viula now says "ex-gays" don't exist and that the "therapy" amounts to "brainwashing" and a form of "violence." Read more here.

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