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Gay Vet Confronts Romney Over Marriage Equality

Gay Vet Confronts Romney Over Marriage Equality


A gay Vietnam veteran peppered Mitt Romney with questions at a campaign event in New Hampshire, but the Republican candidate stuck to his script that marriage is "between a man and woman."

The Boston Globe reports on the encounter at Chez Vachon diner in Manchester, where the former Massachusetts governor approached an older man wearing a Vietnam veteran cap. Bob Garon asked Romney whether he supports the Republican-led effort underway to repeal the marriage equality law in the state where the candidate owns a vacation home.

"I believe marriage is between a man and a woman," said Romney. "That's my view."

Garon, 63, pushed back, according to the Globe, and asked Romney, "If two men get married, apparently a veteran's spouse would not be entitled to any burial benefits or medical benefits or anything that the serviceman has devoted his time and effort to his country, and you just don't support equality in terms of same-sex marriage?"

When Romney repeated his opposition, Garon, who was sitting at the table with his husband, said, "It's good to know how you feel. That you do not believe that everyone is entitled to their constitutional rights."

"No, actually, I think at the time the Constitution was written it was pretty clear that marriage is between a man and a woman," said Romney. "And I don't believe the Supreme Court has changed that."

An aide interrupted Romney and the veteran wished him "good luck." The candidate joked that he was going to need it.

In an interview with reporters afterward, Garon said he married his husband Bob Lemire in June. The longtime Democratic voter, who recently became unenrolled and feels partial toward Ron Paul, said of Romney, "He is not going to make it...You can't trust him. I just saw it in his eyes. I judge a man by his eyes."

Asked by reporters why the question mattered so much to him, according to ABC News, Garon blurted out, "Because I'm gay, alright? And I happen to love a man just like you probably love your wife."

"I went and fought for my country and I think my spouse should be entitled to the same [benefits as they would] if I were married to a woman," said the veteran. "What the hell is the difference?"

Watch the video of the encounter from Time.

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