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Fred Karger Wants to Be the Protest Vote

Fred Karger Wants to Be the Protest Vote


In a new television ad, Fred Karger is making the case to New Hampshire primary voters that he's the candidate for those who want to cast a protest vote.

"Fed up with the Republican Party?" the commercial asks. "Send the Republican Party a message. Vote for Fred Karger for president."

Karger paints himself as "the only moderate Republican running for president" and highlights his pro-choice views, his support for same-sex marriage, and that he "wants us out of Afghanistan now."

"I want to let New Hampshire voters know that if they are not happy with the other seven Republicans running for president that there is one sensible, moderate candidate in the race," said Karger in a statement announcing the ad, which airs during the run-up to the primary on January 10.

Karger has been making the case in the state the he is "a protest vote," saying as much to The Keene Sentinel.

"I realize if people are mad -- which they are at the Republican Party, and I think a big chunk of the 42% of independents have left the Republican Party because of the Tea Party and the rightward movement -- that I will be that protest vote," he said in December.

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