Right-Wing Activist: Obama Supports “Forced Homosexuality”

Right-Wing Activist: Obama Supports “Forced Homosexuality”

Right-wing lawyer Mathew Staver has a surprising revelation about President Obama’s administration — one of its goals, he says, is forcing people to be gay.

Staver, chairman of the legal group Liberty Counsel, appeared on the conservative Christian radio show Crosstalk last Friday, telling host Jim Schneider that actions by the administration will ultimately result in “in-your-face forced abortion funding, in-your-face forced homosexuality, and in-your-face deconstruction of moral principles.”

Staver talked at length about Obama’s health care reform law, the Affordable Care Act, currently being challenged in the Supreme Court; Liberty Counsel has filed amicus briefs in the case. He apparently based his statement about abortion funding on the act’s mandate for insurance coverage of contraception and sterilization, but he did not offer a basis for the “forced homosexuality” comment.

He also said the administration is “anti-life and anti-liberty,” with an ideology that is “very much pro-abortion and pro-homosexual rights, and that trumps everything,” including the economy and national security.

Right Wing Watch has an audio clip and a transcript of Staver’s most incendiary comments, and audio of the full show is available here.

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