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Op-ed: A Gay Dad's Response to Coke's Commercial

Op-ed: A Gay Dad's Response to Coke's Commercial


The Advocate's resident dad says this year's Coke commercial during the Super Bowl spot lacked a couple of little details.

The following letter is in response to the :42 mark

Dear Coca-Cola:

I'm writing you this letter to tell you how deeply offended I am by the portrayal of gay parents in your Super Bowl commercial. From what I've heard, you've gotten a lot of flack from this already, but I feel it necessary to voice my opinion.

I'm not saying I side with the Barilla pasta-eating, Chick-fil-A-loving bigots, but the five seconds shown of gay parenting was outrageous in many ways:

1) Let's start with the fact that everyone knows gay people don't drink Coke, they do coke.

2) Their apparel was appalling. Did your (obviously straight) costume coordinator just raid a vintage shop in a third-world country or was that intentional? Clearly the actors were straight as well, or they would have protested.

3) Don't think I didn't notice they are a multi-ethnic family. Killing two birds with one stone, Coca-Cola?

4) Two gay men, having trouble roller-skating -- really?! They practically invented the "sport." Some were born with rollerskates on their feet. Next time, consider them doing triple axels while their daughter watches in complete amazement.

5) The little girl's styling was so horribly off-mark. She looks like a normal kid -- what were you thinking? It's common knowledge that gay parents would have her dressed either as a full-blown princess (complete with Toddlers & Tiaras makeup) or in Fifth Avenue perfection. There is no middle ground. Her Plain Jane look was probably the most offensive and off-kilter thing about the scene.

If you should want to discuss this further, I am available to help you "gay it up" and make it "more fucking fabulous." Next year let's get those football-watching bastards to spit out their cheap beer when they see what I can come up with!

Kindest Regards,
Frank J. Lowe

P.S. To my Advocate readers: I thought the commercial was perfect and amazing and breakthrough. Their portrayal of gay parents as normal was immense, and as a young gay kid I would have spilled my Coke if I had seen this (if I hadn't been too busy rollerskating).

FRANK LOWE is a stay at home dad. Follow him on Twitter @GayAtHomeDad

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