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Gay Dem Blasts Marjorie Taylor Greene for Going After Drag Shows at Hearing

Rep. Robert Garcia said her behavior was "ridiculous."

The Rainbow Wave Settles In: What New LGBTQ+ Politicians Are Facing

The nation's new out governors, treasurers, and congressmembers are staring down inflation, climate change, and gun violence.

Dem Senate Hopeful Mocks Josh Hawley Over Porn Comments in Campaign Ad

The Missouri Democrat's new campaign ad questions why Sen. Josh Hawley talks so much about porn.

Gay MSNBC Anchor Challenges Homophobic GOP Candidate on Air

The Republican has run for and lost the Virginia U.S. House seat twice, most recently in 2022, before the Democratic winner died suddenly.

Gay Official in Viral Speedo Video Explains It's Not What It Seems

He says he's surprised by the amount of attention the harmless video is getting.

George Santos Claims He Will Resign If 142,000 People Ask Him To

In other words, George Santos wants another election. 

'Clean Up Your House,' Democrats Tell GOP Leadership After Santos Saga

Now that the lying congressman from New York is seated, there's not much that can be done to get him to go if he refuses -- aside from an act of Congress.

BREAKING: New York Republicans Call for George Santos to Resign

Nassau County Republican Committee members said that Santos is unwelcome at their headquarters and must resign.


George Santos Accepted Contributions From Human Trafficker: Report

On top of his already mounting legal troubles, the lying congressman is accused of illegally taking money from Rocco Oppedisano.

Santos's Aide Reportedly Claimed to Be Kevin McCarthy's Chief of Staff

A staffer on the George Santos campaign is accused of impersonating Kevin McCarthy's chief of staff in order to secure donations.

Dem Challenger Calls Sen. Hawley's Obsession With Masculinity Creepy

This Marine combat veteran and LGBTQ+ ally thinks Sen. Josh Hawley's obsession with masculinity is weird.


George Santos Appears to Flash White Power Symbol on House Floor

The incoming lawmaker made the gesture as he was voting for Kevin McCarthy in the 10th round of votes for speaker of the House.

Pete Buttigieg Calls Out Fox News Host For Homophobic Hypocrisy

His appearance on Fox News went viral instantly after he called out the host for treating his marriage as different.

Watching Porn Online in Louisiana Now Requires ID Verification

A conservative lawmaker said she had to author the legislation to protect young people.

Texas Lawmaker Introduces Worse Version of 'Don't Say Gay' Law

As if Florida's restriction on access to information about LGBTQ+ topics for public school students wasn't tight enough.

Gay U.S. Rep.-elect to Take Oath on Constitution, Superman Comic

The former Long Beach, Calif., mayor and self-described comic book nerd revealed that he'd be sworn in on the Constitution, some personal items, and a Superman comic.

Kevin McCarthy Is Still the Biggest Loser Even If He Wins

An abject and proven failure as a leader, he ended up doing nothing but continuing to appease the liars, the seditionists, and the barbarous members of his caucus.

Newly Named LGBTQ+Commission Chair Congratulated on Grindr, Goes Viral

Justice Horn says he's just a gay public servant being himself, which includes using Grindr.

Lying Rep.-elect Santos Arrives on Capitol Hill, Tries To Avoid Media

The elected out Republican from New York ran away from reporters asking questions.

Let the Lying George Santos Keep His Seat

Another liar in the Republican Party? That's not very surprising.