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Roy Moore Still Refuses to Concede, Films Insane 'Sodomy' Screed


The vanquished Senate candidate is going down in a blaze of incoherence.

After Democrat Doug Jones shocked the world by defeating racist/homophobe/alleged pedophile Roy Moore for one of Alabama's seats in the U.S. Senate, the twice-fired Republican judge refuses to concede.

Civil rights prosecutor Jones received over 20,000 more votes than Moore, a margin of victory too large for an automatic recount. Still, Moore believes provisional and military votes could put him over the edge. Moore's confidence isn't supported by facts.

Only about 0.4 percent of the population is active duty personnel, which would amount to less than 2,000 people in Alabama, and that's assuming all of those service members voted, and all for Moore. Provisional ballots would likely be evenly split among both candidates, as well.

Regardless, Moore released a disturbing video saying the campaign is awaiting certification of the final results by Alabama's attorney general. What was concerning was the doomsday screed that followed, where Moore said, "We have forgotten God... we no longer recognize the universal truth that God is the author of our life and liberty. Abortion, sodomy, and materialism have taken the place of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

Moore railed against the separation of church and state, claimed we've "murdered over 60 million of our unborn children," "redefined marriage and destroyed the basis of family," and "we've even begun to recognize the right of a man to claim to be a woman and vice versa." Regarding liberal judges, "we've become slaves to their tyranny."

"Immorality sweeps over our land," Moore says, before making a vague statement about the sexual assault and pedophilia allegations against him, brushing them off as unimportant and distracting. The rest is incoherent. Watch below.

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