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Auntie Maxine Waters Just Coined a New Power Phrase

Maxine Waters

The congresswoman/Resistance queen persisted in "reclaiming" her time. 

"Auntie" Maxine Waters -- the California congresswoman and leading voice of The Resistance -- wasn't about to let swamp creature/Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin eat up her precious time. During a Thursday hearing of the House Financial Services Committee, of which she's the ranking member, Waters had some important questions she needed Mnuchin to answer.

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First off, Waters wanted to know why she never got a response from a May 23 letter concerning foreign banks and their connections to the Trump administration and Trump businesses. Mnuchin attempted to eat away at Waters's time by showering her with praise, which came off as anything but genuine. Waters was not fooled.

"Reclaiming my time, reclaiming my time, reclaiming my time," she responded, refering to committee rules which granted her a certain amount of time to question witnesses. "Thank you for your compliments about how great I am, but I don't want to waste my time on me." She asked again why she did not get a response to her May letter.

Mnuchin snapped back, "I was going to answer that," and then complained to the committee chairman about being interrupted.

"Reclaiming my time," she said, "what [the chairman] failed to tell you was that when you're on my time, I can reclaim it."

Mnuchin then said he didn't understand the rules, and the GOP chairman made a snide comment about Waters's questioning, but let her continue. Mnuchin finally said that his department did respond to Waters. But the congresswoman clarified when that happened -- yesterday.

The discussion continued, with Waters questioning whether Mnuchin would report any improper or illegal financial dealings involving the Trump administration. Mnuchin, a Trump loyalist, did his best to evade, but this Nasty Woman clearly had the upper hand. Watch below.

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