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Antigay Group in Maine Caught Posting Vile, Homophobic Rant

Antigay Group in Maine Caught Posting Vile, Homophobic Rant

The group opposing marriage equality in Maine has removed a vile rant posted on its website just as voters headed to the polls, according to ThinkProgress.

The Protect Marriage Maine website had listed "25 Reasons to Preserve Traditional Marriage," and ThinkProgress noticed it and labeled the post "an epic screed revealing many of its true motives." The group then removed the post but ThinkProgress kept a copy.

For starters, Protect Marriage Maine cast all gay people as a lustful type of monster (to harken a phrase coined by NFL player Chris Kluwe).

"The basis of homosexuality is centered around anonymous sexual encounters," the group claimed. "Long term relationships are very rare."

It described LGBT people as "highly promiscuous" and argued that same-sex marriage would mean the end of "a family-based sexually monogamous society."

It got worse from there. The rant claimed gay people spread AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases — and not just accidentally.

"Another social problem is that it is largely predatory," the rant continued. "Part of the thrill, part of the challenge, is having sex with the inexperienced, the uninitiated, and to dare say that out loud, even though it is true, is to risk being called 'intolerant,' 'homophobic,' or worse."

The last poll out of Maine shows marriage equality leading in the state.

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