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Last Poll in Maine Shows Marriage Equality Ahead

Last Poll in Maine Shows Marriage Equality Ahead

The very last poll out of Maine shows the chances of marriage equality becoming law today are still favored.

The Maine People's Resource Center found that 50.5% of voters said they would pass marriage equality, while 46.5% said they wouldn't. Nearly 3% of voters were still undecided on the question.

The poll was conducted at the last minute, from November 1 to 3, and surveyed more than 900 likely voters. The poll comes with a margin of error of 3.26%.

The previous most recent poll conducted by the Pan Atlantic SMS Group of Portland in late September found 55% supported marriage equality, called Question 1 on the ballot, while 39% opposed. Talking Points Memo reports that an average of recent polls shows support at 51% and opposition at 46%.

Mainers United for Marriage was proud of the work its done during the campaign to overturn the state's 2009 ban on marriage equality. It reports sending volunteers to knock on 290,000 doors, making 1.11 million phone calls, and attracting more than 22,000 donors. Polls close in Maine today at 8 p.m.

Marriage equality is on the ballot today in various forms in Washington, Maryland, Minnesota and Maine.

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