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Angela Merkel Says No to Repairing Inequality

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That's a no.

In this photo taken by the AFP, German Chancellor Angela Merkel holds up a voting card on Tuesday and sides with those in her party, the Christian Democratic Union, who decided against treating same-sex couples the same as straight couples under tax law.

The Australian reports that Merkel had said she opposed equal treatment because she "sees marriage directly linked to the family and both are under the special protection of the state." Instead, her party considers only marriage between a man and a woman as protected by the country's constitution.

The Irish Times reported that more progressive elements of Merkel's party (which ended up reelecting her during the conference as its leader) proposed this evolution on the issue and argued it would be key to regaining waning support in urban areas. But Merkel opted to avoid angering more conservative supporters. With the nomination secured, Merkel now faces a general election in nine months and is seeking a third term as chancellor.

The country's top court is expected to weigh in on the constitutionality of tax inequality before the end of 2013.

Read more about the state of the election from Spiegel Online

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