Log Cabin Republicans Slam GOP In Full-page Ad

Log Cabin Republicans Slam GOP In Full-page Ad

The gay conservative group Log Cabin Republicans have some harsh words for the mainstream GOP in a full-page advertisement published in Politico today.

Evoking GOP patron saint Ronald Reagan's infamous "big tent" imagery, the ad reads, "Reagan's big tent isn't what it used to be. If the Republican Party wants to win future elections and set this country back on sound financial footing, it must put an end to its obsession with opposing equal rights for LGBT Americans."

The ad concludes with an ominous indictment: "If you don't make the tent bigger, you might as well fold it up and go home."

While a majority of Republican legislators continue to oppose marriage equality, cracks are starting to emerge in the GOP's homophobic armor. This week, five Republican senators in Rhode Island voted in favor of marriage equality, and Ohio Sen. Rob Portman announced in March that he has a gay son and now supports marriage equality. Earlier this month, Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk announced he also supports the freedom to marry.

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