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WATCH: Fox News Hosts Put Down Facebook's New Gender Options

WATCH: Fox News Hosts Put Down Facebook's New Gender Options

Valentine's Day viewers of Fox News Channel's Fox & Friends were treated to a barrage of derisive comments about Facebook's new gender options. Just one day after the social networking site announced the change, which allows users more flexibility in describing their gender, cohosts Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Clayton Morris, and Tucker Carlson expressed incredulity in their on-air banter.

Hasselbeck introduced the segment, saying Facebook had added "over 50 additional gender options, including 'transgender,' 'intersex,' and 'neither.' Heading over to 'the male,' Clayton," she joked as she transitioned to Morris for his opinion. Morris responded sarcastically, "No, I changed mine to 'intersex.'"

Later, Carlson denigrated at the term "intersex" by adding, "whatever that is," and mocked the idea that some people might select the "neither" option. Watch video below, courtesy of Media Matters for America.

Todd Starnes, host of the radio program Fox News & Commentary and a regular guest on Fox & Friends, expressed his concerns about the additional options in a Facebook post Friday. "In the beginning God made man and woman," Starnes wrote, "but Facebook decided to improve on the original models." He added, sneeringly, "What if you identify as a pine cone or a chicken or a weed whacker? Facebook doesn't offer those options," providing inapt examples of inanimate objects and an animal, rather than actual gender identities. 

With respect to the term "gender-fluid," Starnes feigned ignorance about what it meant, joking, "You might want to have a roll of paper towels handy."

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