WATCH: A Day in Janet Mock's Life, Via New Jezebel Series

WATCH: A Day in Janet Mock's Life, Via New Jezebel Series

The online publication Jezebel has chosen transgender author, activist and talk show host Janet Mock for its first profile in a new video series called This Broad's Life.

Writer-producer Hillary Crosley Coker and a photographer spent a day shadowing Mock around her neighborhood, with her fiancé, and at work at MSNBC — and not just any day: "on the coldest day in New York's history since the 1800s."

Crosley Coker calls Mock "a Hawaiian crazy enough to leave all that warmth behind for East Coast winters."

The website describes the series as focusing on "interesting and kick-ass women as they navigate this thing called life "

Mock narrates the video as we see her going about her day, talking about her inspiration for moving from Oahu to Manhattan: TV's Felicity.

She also reveals her inspiration for writing her best-selling memoir, Redefining Realness, her views on being out and trans, and her adoration for Beyoncé. It's also the first time she's commented publicly on getting engaged and what Crosley Coker calls "the hell that is wedding planning."

Watch Janet Mock in Jezebel's This Broad's Life:

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