"Preacher" Travels Across the Nation for Hate

"Preacher" Travels Across the Nation for Hate

"Preacher" Scott Lively hates gay people so much he traveled from his home in Springfield, Mass., to Springfield, Mo., to urge the city council there to reject a proposed nondiscrimination ordinance.

Lively runs Abiding Truth Ministries, which has used lies to inflame antigay hate in Uganda and led to the proposed "kill the gays" bill, which includes incredibly severe punishments for homosexual acts. On Friday, Lively spoke to 70 people in Springfield and said gay people were not worthy of protections. He propped up a sign that read, "Human Rights Commission Is a Trojan Horse for the Gay Agenda."

“Since when is sodomy a civil right,” Lively said. “It’s a ridiculous, preposterous notion! There’s absolutely no correlation between sodomy and skin color.”

The full council will take up the proposed ordinance next month. Read more here.

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