Holiday Gifts for the Homebody

Plates Tattooladyx633

Table Settings
Outsider artist Angela Rossi uses recycled, abused, and forgotten items to create hip, quirky, and often hauntingly beautiful Altered Antique Plates with cultural icons (Patti Smith, Pee-wee Herman), animal-human hybrids that are kitschy and classy all at once, vampire girls, tattooed ladies, and Victorian gay zombie couples. $45 and up,


Randi Antonsenx300
Pop Art With Purpose
Add a dash of color to your abode with DENY Designs. Deniz Ercelebi’s Greta Garbo–esque Mystic Iron shower curtain and Randi Antonsen Poster Heroins 6 throw pillow will stun visitors. $39-$89,

TiVoPremiere4 Rf Wremote 300rgb
TV Anywhere, Anytime

TiVo Stream lets you seamlessly deliver content stored on any TiVo Premiere box to mobile screens such as iPads and iPhones. You can stream up to four shows at once to four devices connected to a home network. It also allows for wireless transfer of recorded content to a supported mobile device so you can take your favorite TV shows with you, and there is no monthly service fee. $129.99,

Capresso Frother
Get Your Fix

The Capresso Froth Plus Automatic Milk Frother is a must for any cappuccino or hot chocolate junkie. Unlike other frothers, it produces professional-grade foam — hot, warm, or cold — with the touch of a button. $59.99,

AZ Montage
Spiked Drinks

Got a farmers’ market lover on your list? The ingenious Aqua Zinger and Citrus Zinger let you infuse water with fresh fruit, herbs, vegetables, pretty much any flavor you can imagine, with no mess. There’s a Vodka Zinger too. $16.95 and up,

Pet Fooddish2 Hires
Class Up Mealtime

You love your pet but hate those ugly plastic dishes. This leatherette Resort Collection Pet Bowl Holder with embossed label plaques makes it look like Fido’s eating at a high-end hotel instead. $34.99,

Zoku Duo
Desserts on a Dime

There is no better way to make everyone smile than with the Zoku Duo Quick Pop Maker, which freezes ice pops in as little as seven minutes on your countertop without electricity. Zokuheads are already trading recipes for striped pops, yogurt pops, treats with candy and nuts, and (available for the first time with a home pop-maker) different-flavored core pops. $36.95,

The Farberware 12-Cup Food Processor with four-cup nested work bowl is a multitasking stainless steel wonder that slices, dices, and shreds, and since the bowl and all blades are stored within, it’s perfect for short-on-space apartment dwellers. $65.99,
Andy Warholposterx300

Classing Up the Poster
Monster Gallery, a one-man Etsy sweatshop run by Joseph (a.k.a. JoE), a Singapore-based artist known for his retro-pop-culture-inspired art and prints, offers the perfect addition to your décor. We love his I Shot Andy Warhol movie poster, which, like his others, is a re-imagining of the poster for aesthetic, not commercial, interests. $19.90, shop/MonsterGallery


Light Up(cycle) the Room
Break the Record’s totally unique and rocking retro Cassette Tape Night Light Lamp is made from repurposed cassette tapes (can’t stop loving the ‘80s Classics). At night, the effect is beautiful and hazy, like a modern lava lamp that’s calming and mood setting, if you know what we mean. $48 and up,

Add Some Same-Sex Spice
Just in time for the holidays, Jonathan Adler is releasing his new Mr./Mr. or Mrs./Mrs. Muse Salt and Pepper Shakers, which are inspired by Adler’s most iconic pottery. And a set makes a better hostess gift than the usual bottle of wine. $48,


Needle Firstladyx300
Jackie O. is in the House

With Adler’s newest addition, the First Lady Needlepoint Pillow, you can be chic and finally say you’ve met the iconic fashionista — at least in slumber. $165,
Duroque Doggy1x300

Give Ginger Her Own Princess Bed
If you love your dog enough to give her (or him) the very best, the Duroque Dog Beds are gorgeous, albeit a bit pricey, must-haves. Lesbian designer Olga Rechdouni offers 12 different ready-to-purchase doggy beds (like the Duncan model, pictured here), however, clients can choose to customize the designs with over 500 fabrics, a wide variety of nailheads, fasteners, and Swarovski crystals. Ten percent from the sale of each bed is donated to a local animal rescue agency.  $1,200,

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