Holiday Gifts for the Traveler

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The Need For Speed
Got a car-loving adventure-seeker on the list? The Audi Ice Driving Experience offers a winter wonderland in Scandinavia. Your special someone will brush up on their extreme driving skills in Sweden and Finland, where they’ll practice drifting and slaloms while driving a range of challenging and varied courses in some of the most awe-inspiring settings on earth. $4,000 and up,

Britto Butterfly Lo#98A1CA0
The Best Kind of Baggage
In his collection for Heys USA, Brazilian-American neo-pop artist Romero Britto has released the perfect gift for trendy travelers: a 26-inch Spinner Case that’s hard-sided, lightweight, and emblazoned with Britto’s signature blend of cubism, pop art, and graffiti. $300,

ZEM Shoes2
Skip Through Security

Taking off your shoes at the airport slows everyone down. ZEMgear Traveler Footwear may not have the Transportation Security Administration’s “official” approval, but most people report that TSA agents let you walk right through, thinking the ZEMgear Travelers are actually socks. Instead they’re super-comfy, innovation award–winning, vegan travel shoes that can double as (light) gym shoes and save space in your luggage. $34.99,

Transit Cuff Red 4
Wearable Maps

DesignHype’s MetroCuff series let you navigate public transportation inconspicuously while wearing the subway routes for New York, Paris, London, Chicago, or Milan on your arm. Meanwhile, Uncommon Goods’ Crumpled City Maps have the streets of NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, and Tokyo printed on durable material that’s waterproof and rip-resistant and can be pocketed, tossed into a bag, or slung around your body. $37,; $20,

SIGG Skull Flask
The Anti-Paper Cup

Reusable bottles are laudable but not always aesthetically appealing. Enter Vintage Bottle Skull, a retro and hipster-worthy celebration of SIGG’s 100 years of craftsmanship that’s great for camping, concerts, and exploring the world. $19.99,

Snorkel Camera2
Under the Sea

Liquid Image’s XSC Explorer Series 8 Megapixel Camera Mask is the world’s only swim mask that has an integrated waterproof digital still and video camera. A USB cord makes it easy to download, email, or print images, and the camera can go for hours, down to 15 feet (perfect for snorkelers), on just two AAA batteries. There’s even an extra compartment for storing your keys or cash. $99,

Road Warriors

Why multitask with your smartphone when TomTom’s VIA 1605 offers a six-inch color touch screen, photo-realistic images, fuel-efficient route suggestions, and lifetime traffic and map updates? Comes with a fold-and-go EasyPort mount in case you’re in and out of rental cars as well. $229.95,

Picture Of 2013 Chevrolet Volt Behind View
A Car of One’s Own

Move over, Scions and Subarus, there’s a new car making gay waves: the Chevy Volt, one of the most awarded cars when it was launched in 2011. As it offers options of both gas and electric power, the average Volt driver fills up the gas tank about once a month (or every 900 miles). There’s also an onboard gas generator that produces electricity so you can travel a total of 380 miles on a full charge and full tank of gas. Sounds like a Christmas miracle. $31,465 base,

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