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A Few Other Hot Lesbian Drummers

Schemelx633 0

Patty Schemel, Hole: Google “hot lesbian drummer” and she takes up six pages or so; add the word “mess” in there and it’s even more, especially after last year’s doc Hit So Hard came out.

Hanna Bliliex633 0

Hannah Blilie, Gossip: Beth Ditto may get the press, but butchy Blilie — whose face graced the cover of Music for Men — gets a lot of the lesbian adoration. Fact: She has a twin brother, Jordan, who is the lead singer for Past Lives.

Allison Millerx633 0

Allison Miller, Boom Tic Boom:
When Miller’s sophomore studio album, No Morphine, No Lilies, comes out April 16, it’ll be more proof that Miller isn’t just a great drummer, but one of the more impressive jazz artists of our time.

Sandra Alvax633 0

Sandra Alva, Modern Day Escape: The perfectly coiffed and punky drummer is back in the studio in Florida with band mates for their third album, out this summer.

Kelly Harrisx633 0

Kelly Harris, Little Victory:
This Brooklyn queer punk band broke up in February, so fans have to console themselves with Little Victory’s self-titled 2012 EP, but we have no doubt sexy speedster Harris will be back soon.

Andrea Silverx633 0

Andrea Silver, Young Galaxy: “Superfoods.” That’s what Young Galaxy’s lesbian drummer, Andrea Silver, says when asked why there are so many hot lesbian drummers. (Read a profile on the band from the latest magazine.)

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